Journey of the Spirit


I have always been drawn to the spiritual side of things. Ritual. Icons. Superstition. Gods. Goddesses. Spirits. In college, I studied Cultural Anthropology, with a focus on Spiritual and Religious practices. I was enamored with the idea of magic, and ancient belief systems of different cultures. All throughout my twenties, I immersed myself in holy texts, Shamanic Retreats, Full Moon Gatherings, Buddhist Temples, past life regressions, and Underworld journeys. Drum circles, tribal gatherings, guided meditation groups-You could increase the list ad infinitum. Spiritual Practice has been an obsession of mine for years, and it is where I draw my greatest inspiration from, for my work.

I am heavily drawn to, and inspired by the occult- specifically the Tarot. Many of my pieces are created with certain cards' energies in mind, along with their accompanying elements. I believe that the Tarot is a direct line to our deepest subconscious- it does not tell us new things, it tells us the things we have known all along.

When I am creating a piece, I create it with the intention of it being someone's personal talisman. I want it to have THAT much power. For centuries, jewelry has carried sacred meaning for so many cultures. It's so much more than just an accessory. Spiritual adornments to ward off evil, bring fertility, commemorate a union , heal the soul. Heirloom pieces passed down from generation to generation. This is what I channel, when I make each one. Each stone is selected, with it's own metaphysical properties in mind, along with my energies, and intentions for the piece. Because of these aspects, no two of my pieces can ever, ever be the same.

**My antlers and bone pieces are all humanely obtained. We live in the Ozarks, so there's always a proliferation of critters around. Sometimes these animals have passed from natural causes, and are discovered on an evening walk. Some are the remains of the hunting and food industry. Others may have met an untimely death on the highway- I believe in using the bits and pieces left behind as a way to honor them. Nothing is wasted.